The Gitana IV has been sold to a buyer with the introduction done by Barney Sandeman representing the Sandeman Yacht Company. This classic sailing yacht of 27.58 meters was listed for sale by Horsley at the Edmiston and Company. The Gitana IV was structured by the well-known yard from Italy, Sangermani, famous for its in-house design of yachts. It was built entirely of planks made of mahogany on Iroko frames.



It was delivered for the first time like a classic yawl in the year 1962. This yacht is renowned because she was commissioned by Baron Edmond de Rothschild. She also won various regattas which include the Fastnet Race. She made a record at that race that was unbroken for more than 19 years.

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One of the exciting water races is that of the foiling cats and these are seen in the waters when SailGP event is held. It is known to have some of the fastest racing boats of catamaran category. The event this year is about to start from Sydney, Australia. The inaugural program will be held soon and the main races will commence in the second week of February. This year’s event sees six national level teams competing in identical foiling vessels. These are 50 feet in length and can move at speed of 50 knots or more.

As there are about 18 days left for the race, France team has already unveiled their boat at the Sydney Harbor. It is a new catamaran design, F50, which is one of the fastest and technologically most advanced. This race boat is also a sight to see in this world racing tournament. The event would kick off around 15th of February. This vessel would be the first of its kind and hence it is proudly announcing its presence with blue livery and holding high their country flag. The first leg would start off from Sydney Harbor and there would be a global audience to witness the race. The French team is skippered by Billy Besson who, along with his team, would be showcasing performance of this new category of vessel.

They would be aided by an onshore crew skippered by Yoann Bibeau. They would prepare the boat, assemble the same and trim it before the onboard team arrives. They commented that there is a lot of work to be done since the assembling takes time, especially with the hydraulic and electronic systems that need to adhere to the one-design rule on all six boats. Hence, the teams need to coordinate and focus to come on the same footing.

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It was on Friday that the race conditions got a little harder, and the schedule faced a significant threat to not only the racers but to the racing committee as well. The racers faced a lot of problems because they had to face winds which touched around 40 – 50 knots in a single day.

It was in these challenging weather conditions, the order of the teams that were placed did not change much from the previous day. It was the three people who dominated the race. The weather did not change much in the morning as well. Several showers of rain suddenly arrived in the morning and this caused the committee of the race to re-schedule and delay the start of the play. It was being said that it was very clear that the winds were much higher than the previous day and there were patches where racing was exceptionally difficult to even the most skillful of racers.
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The around the world Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) leg 3 was like hell for the sailors. The big waves and cold water make sailing quite dramatic. The sailing boats went close to 90 degrees as the teams tried to manoeuvre the waves. As the waves were rattling them, the water was gushing onto the deck and it was very cold. The wipeout was terrifying for the men on the Volvo Ocean 65 racing boats.

In the Leg 3, wipeouts were constant due to the very strong winds the team faced in the seemingly mountainous seas. The water was salty and everywhere, on the deck, pouring onto them, their eyes, everywhere.

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Many feel that sailing is losing its variety, there can be danger, and frustration in the sport as well as it can be expensive, painful. However, one should not forget that they are doing it for fun and for the spirit behind the sport that drives every enthusiast and professional. For those who race small boats, they usually equate fun with wins. But that can be a high bar to set, especially when a single boat takes the crown in any regatta. Some fleets make good of competitive sailing event and some are balanced so that everyone gets to have fun when they finish a race. However, the main spirit of fun is often ignored, of how we have fun when we spend time on the boats with family and friends as well as enjoy the waters and the surrounding conditions.


There was a race held in this spirit by Severn Sailing Association. Described as the distance race, the principle of the race was set such that different sailing vessels of diverse classes such as J/22s, Lasers, Daysailors, Laser Radials, Sunfish and others started to race at different times and the intent of the race was that every vessel will reach back at the same time. The course was set along the Severn River in a northwesterly direction. There was a solid breeze that provided positive effects, though it was a bit too strong for the lighter vessels. While the sailors sailed in the wonderful weather, the supporters on the beach kept up the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grills so that the sailors could have a hearty meal after they reached back. Many had pot luck dishes while there was a buffet laid out as well with several side dishes and dessert items. The event surely gave a feeling of joy to everyone.

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Anna Burnett and John Gimson lead in the Nacra 17 World Championships right after the American duo, Louisa Chafee and Riley Gibbs, were objected and penalized for a measurement infringement.

To answer the question now whether the younger generation can make leave an impression at these first ever event of foiling Nacra World Championships, 49er racer Gibbs and foiling kiteboarder, 21, combined with Rio Olympian Chafee, 25, had opened with two first places and an opening second from their group of 24 strong Blue fleets were credited with the interim early lead of the championship.

However, they were penalized for sailing along with bushes of rubber at the top of the foils removed, in contrast to the interpretation of International Jury measurement rules. The Americans, the training partners of Helena Scutt and Bora Gulari reported they had already trained with the removed bushes to save the maximum power in the head area instead of going for the performance gain where it to let the foil to drop lower. Continue reading Burnett And Gimson Got The Lead In Nacra 17 Worlds

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The practice sessions have taken place recently of America’s Cup where the six teams have come together for the first time.

It is not the first time that practice racing took place on Bermuda waters in preparation for America’s Cup Class races. However the recent practice round saw all six teams participating for the first time, covering the race course that would be used in the main races.

The last team to arrive was Emirates Team New Zealand who had their ACC boat re commissioned to get out on the clear waters of Bermuda and commence practice. The first bout of unofficial practice took place on Friday, 28th April when the Groupama Team of France and Artemis Racing lined up and the Kiwis gained an advantageous position against the Swedish team. However, Artemis Racing started about 24 seconds after the Kiwis which made a difference in the winning margin. Continue reading Practice Sessions America’s Cup

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The Grosse Pointe Sail Club beneath the headship of Commodore Andrea Solak successfully completed the season of sailing and activities.

This is one of the most successful events of club in history of 68 years. Sail club organized sailboat racing on the Great Lakes and the event became spectator-friendly. This was the 55th   season of racing that held at Windmill Pointe Park. The racing was kept in the theme that was spectator-friendly, at the time club also did the inauguration of a new race course that will used for the club’s 64th annual regatta. The regatta will held in August 2017.

The races organized by the club were good not only for watching, but it was an adventure for sailors as well. The club again ran Operation Shanghai on night series, in these people who are coming for the first time to Lake St. Clair racing was invited to sail on boat of club member. The participants of any experience level were allowed to join the race either the first-timer or up. Continue reading Grosse Pointe Sail Club’s Successful Season

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SoftBank Japan is currently dealing with some issues. They have just learned their limits of their AC 45 wing sail. While they were doing training in Bermuda, the mast and sail got separated from itself and it was a revelation.

Did something untoward happen? No. Nothing of that sort happened. Everyone on board is safe. They are done with the testing of AC45. The sailors pushed the upper limit of the platform.

What was the extent of this event? We are referring to the yacht, which is all set for competition. It is going to be part of the America’s Cup Class competition. The lower trailing flap suffered a considerable fracture. As a result, the entire lower portion got detached completely. Continue reading SoftBank Japan Deals With Issues

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Luke Patience seems to be in for luck this time as well. He might be on the way to claiming his second medal in Olympics this year. Luke Patience is known to be a guy who is more bothered about the details than the inspirational quotes that motivate others. He believes that winning is all about the right preparations.

If one fails to prepare adequately they would have to be prepared to fail. As a result, he had planned how to deal with every squall and swell that he faced in Rio. He resets his sights after he won the silver in the 470 class category with his partner Stuart Bithell. Continue reading Luke Patience Moves Up

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