St. Barth Cata Cup – Day 2: Right Side Up And Upside Down

It was on Friday that the race conditions got a little harder, and the schedule faced a significant threat to not only the racers but to the racing committee as well. The racers faced a lot of problems because they had to face winds which touched around 40 – 50 knots in a single day.

It was in these challenging weather conditions, the order of the teams that were placed did not change much from the previous day. It was the three people who dominated the race. The weather did not change much in the morning as well. Several showers of rain suddenly arrived in the morning and this caused the committee of the race to re-schedule and delay the start of the play. It was being said that it was very clear that the winds were much higher than the previous day and there were patches where racing was exceptionally difficult to even the most skillful of racers.

But some of them caused these imminent conditions as fun and challenging. They further said that Antoine, who had capsized the boat due to competing in the severe weather condition, had lost a few points in the lead but then quickly recovered to finish in the sixth place.

The Argentinian Duo was quite happy that they were placed second and they knew that they could not sit to that position for quite long. It was the company of Maxwell that held the top spot in the evening and this was still the provisional result.

In this heavy weather fluctuation, it will be interesting to see which team finished the first and which all teams will have to face the severe punishments caused by the weather. Overall, it promises to be a tough contest.

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