The around the world Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) leg 3 was like hell for the sailors. The big waves and cold water make sailing quite dramatic. The sailing boats went close to 90 degrees as the teams tried to manoeuvre the waves. As the waves were rattling them, the water was gushing onto the deck and it was very cold. The wipeout was terrifying for the men on the Volvo Ocean 65 racing boats.

In the Leg 3, wipeouts were constant due to the very strong winds the team faced in the seemingly mountainous seas. The water was salty and everywhere, on the deck, pouring onto them, their eyes, everywhere.

The Leg 3 was a 6,500 mile race from Cape Town to Melbourne. As the teams charged towards the Southern Ocean, the sail was fast initially, and then the temperature dropped. The forecast was 60 knots of wind so the team started preparing.

The leaders Dongfeng first hit 53 knots of wind with their boat speed at 35 knots. Team AzkoNobel damaged their mainsail rack in the process due to the heavy gust of wind. Team Brunel’s Annie Lush was swept into the rear guard wire and it was revealed that she fractured her back and foot.

At the end, Dongfeng and MAPFRE battled it out but MAPFRE ended up winning. The last duo Scallywag and Turn the Tide on Plastic finished theirs on Boxing Day

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