Luke Patience Moves Up

Luke Patience seems to be in for luck this time as well. He might be on the way to claiming his second medal in Olympics this year. Luke Patience is known to be a guy who is more bothered about the details than the inspirational quotes that motivate others. He believes that winning is all about the right preparations.

If one fails to prepare adequately they would have to be prepared to fail. As a result, he had planned how to deal with every squall and swell that he faced in Rio. He resets his sights after he won the silver in the 470 class category with his partner Stuart Bithell.

The last summer had been spent with him studying every current, wind and water condition in Rio which he did as an obsessed person. However, he did let go, spending some weeks with his friends on a Yacht Rental in Scotland to gain a better perspective in the last 12 months before the Olympics resumed. Patience partnered with Elliot Willis and believed in their four year program that would bring success for sure. He felt that they were in for an upgrade to a gold medal in the Guanabara Bay.

However a few weeks before the selection was confirmed due to their ranking as world number two, his partner was informed of a bowel cancer condition. Patience stated that this was a cruel thing to happen to someone who was young and fit. However, it totally changed the way things were planned and how they were preparing for the Olympics.

Patience felt that the Olympics as Elliot’s dream too and it would not have been possible if not for him. However, with the diagnosis coming through Willis had to be replaced with Chris Grube. He came on board with the nickname Twiggy, which was apparent when one saw him.

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