SoftBank Japan Deals With Issues

SoftBank Japan is currently dealing with some issues. They have just learned their limits of their AC 45 wing sail. While they were doing training in Bermuda, the mast and sail got separated from itself and it was a revelation.

Did something untoward happen? No. Nothing of that sort happened. Everyone on board is safe. They are done with the testing of AC45. The sailors pushed the upper limit of the platform.

What was the extent of this event? We are referring to the yacht, which is all set for competition. It is going to be part of the America’s Cup Class competition. The lower trailing flap suffered a considerable fracture. As a result, the entire lower portion got detached completely.

When did the damage occur? According to, it happened when they were testing it in 20-23 knots of wind. Dean Barker, the CEO and Skipper, have come forward to talk about the incident. This happened during an upwind run with Oracle Team USA. While they were at it, they heard a loud bang. The sound came after the lower flap of the wing broke. It also blew off the back. Luckily for them, there was no injury reported. The crew is fine. Everyone is fine. They quickly sent the boat back to the dock to make sure that there was no further damage.

Well, the wind speed has definitely played a big part. They haven’t tested the boat at such a speed. Therefore, it has allowed them to learn more about the design flaws. Now that they know that it’s possible, they will be able to fine-tune it.

They will be focusing their energies on the heavy air-wing control system. They would want to come up with a better system before the next America’s Cup. The good thing is that they have come to realize this before the race. And there was no accident. Hopefully, they can come up with better solutions to avoid scenarios like this in the future.

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