It was on Friday that the race conditions got a little harder, and the schedule faced a significant threat to not only the racers but to the racing committee as well. The racers faced a lot of problems because they had to face winds which touched around 40 – 50 knots in a single day.

It was in these challenging weather conditions, the order of the teams that were placed did not change much from the previous day. It was the three people who dominated the race. The weather did not change much in the morning as well. Several showers of rain suddenly arrived in the morning and this caused the committee of the race to re-schedule and delay the start of the play. It was being said that it was very clear that the winds were much higher than the previous day and there were patches where racing was exceptionally difficult to even the most skillful of racers.
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The around the world Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) leg 3 was like hell for the sailors. The big waves and cold water make sailing quite dramatic. The sailing boats went close to 90 degrees as the teams tried to manoeuvre the waves. As the waves were rattling them, the water was gushing onto the deck and it was very cold. The wipeout was terrifying for the men on the Volvo Ocean 65 racing boats.

In the Leg 3, wipeouts were constant due to the very strong winds the team faced in the seemingly mountainous seas. The water was salty and everywhere, on the deck, pouring onto them, their eyes, everywhere.

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Many feel that sailing is losing its variety, there can be danger, and frustration in the sport as well as it can be expensive, painful. However, one should not forget that they are doing it for fun and for the spirit behind the sport that drives every enthusiast and professional. For those who race small boats, they usually equate fun with wins. But that can be a high bar to set, especially when a single boat takes the crown in any regatta. Some fleets make good of competitive sailing event and some are balanced so that everyone gets to have fun when they finish a race. However, the main spirit of fun is often ignored, of how we have fun when we spend time on the boats with family and friends as well as enjoy the waters and the surrounding conditions.


There was a race held in this spirit by Severn Sailing Association. Described as the distance race, the principle of the race was set such that different sailing vessels of diverse classes such as J/22s, Lasers, Daysailors, Laser Radials, Sunfish and others started to race at different times and the intent of the race was that every vessel will reach back at the same time. The course was set along the Severn River in a northwesterly direction. There was a solid breeze that provided positive effects, though it was a bit too strong for the lighter vessels. While the sailors sailed in the wonderful weather, the supporters on the beach kept up the hot dogs and hamburgers on the grills so that the sailors could have a hearty meal after they reached back. Many had pot luck dishes while there was a buffet laid out as well with several side dishes and dessert items. The event surely gave a feeling of joy to everyone.

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